Our Services

Certified Translation

Our certified translation is recognized in Canada and many other countries.
We provide certified translation in the following areas:

- Graduation and transcript certificates
- Work and work experience certificates
- Birth certificates
- Identification documents
- Marriage and divorce certificates
- Police clearance records
- Travel, entry/arrival and exit/departure reports, passport stamps and visas
- Driving licenses and driving experience certificates
- Power of Attorneys
- Bank and financial documents
- Brochures and advertising material
- Business contracts
- Applications and forms
- Websites
- General translation


We provide interpretation services in the following areas:

- G1 License written tests
- Legal sessions
- Immigration hearings
- Counseling
- Insurance claims




Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

We provide cultural awareness and sensitivity training, feedback, and useful information that will greatly benefit your business and puts it well ahead of your competition. Whether it is one word or a whole concept, cultural awareness plays a key role in providing the missing dimension and creating opportunities. Our knowledge is the result of several years of cultural sensitivity and awareness training and hands-on experience.